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"The camera is the least important element in photography."

                                   - Julia Shulman


As an avid traveler, I enjoy the beauty in the places and sights around the world. From the deserts of Egypt, to the shores of Panama, to the beautiful cities of Havana and Spain; I've always loved to capture that "perfect shot." But most importantly, I love to look back on the memories with the people I've encountered along the way. ​


Often called "the photographer" by my friends and family, I discovered my love of taking pictures early on. I decided to pursue my craft after realizing how much I enjoyed editing photos and capturing peoples favorite moments. Over the years I've learned that; for me, capturing the "perfect shot" solely meant providing joy to my clients through my lens. Watching the reactions of people viewing their image is truly my "perfect shot." 

"To most people photography is about what you see; for me, it's about what you feel."

                                             - Krystle Ray 

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